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I was stuck - until you came along

Hey. Thanks for stopping by here. I could use some help from you. It won't cost you anything, but it could make a world of difference to me.

So, as you know, I wrote a book. I'm proud of my work, and unless my readers are all excellent liars, pretty much every who's read it has loved it. It's witty and fun, it's exciting and page-turning, and it's a mind trip that really gets you thinking. So what am I missing?


I don't have a big-name publisher doing my marketing for me; I'm just a programmer, bumbling my way amateurishly through a world of book-selling that honestly is not my core strength. So far, I've sold about 100 books, almost entirely to my first degree contacts.

That's where you come in. I need to reach second degree contacts. You have friends and family that I don't, and maybe some of them will be interested in my book. I'll make it easy for you; here are some ready-packaged links for you to share on social media:

Those links lead to a free book download where your friends can try a sample of my work. (If you can't see the Facebook and Twitter links above, you probably have an ad blocker on. Either disable your ad blocker for my domain, or use the links at the end of this post.)

You don't even need to give an endorsement if you don't want to. Just say something like this: My [friend/cousin/favorite author] Shaul Behr has written a sci-fi with a Jewish flavor that will appeal to fans of the Harry Potter genre. I'd like to help him out, so I'm sharing this link to a free sample of his work. If you liked Harry Potter, why not give this a try?

Would you do that for me, please?

Tag me when you do! Here are those links again:

If you can't see the images above:

With deepest appreciation,

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