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Five-Star Sci-Fi: All Time by Mack Leonard

I've reviewed quite a few more books now on Readers' Favorite, with a wide range of quality, from those I loved to those I actually had to put down after three pages (including the disclaimer). I'm not posting all my reviews here, just the noteworthy ones. And this one is an absolute gem. Here's my review: What could a 24th-century teenager have in common with an 11th-century peasant? Miranda Hawking finds out the hard way in Mack Leonard’s outstanding new science fiction novel, All Time, in which she unwillingly finds herself transported back into the Dark Ages, separated from her parents and companions, with seemingly no way back to her own time. Fortunately for her, the first person she m

Fun: Short story writing competition

Every quarter, my publishers (BookLocker) have a 24-hour short story contest. The idea is that you sign up in advance, and on the day of the contest, the organizers release the topic and a maximum word count. So, I entered the Winter 2019 contest a couple of weeks ago. Here's the topic they gave us, with a limit of 900 words: He should have found the first one by now! He walked faster. Father had told him to take care of his mother and sister. He had to check the traps! His head turned left, right, and then left again. Identical snow-laden branches stretched far into the darkening forest. Trying not to cry, he sniffed, and then stopped, his nose in the air. Was that smoke? He squ

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