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Kosher Science Fiction!

Admit it. You enjoyed Harry Potter.

All right, pretend it was your kids who enjoyed it. I won't tell.

Oy, bitul Toirah!

But let's be honest: it's not easy to compete with JK Rowling's magic, Artemis Fowl's genius, or Bartimaeus's wit. So instead of digging into masechet Avoda Zara, we escape into Percy Jackson's actual avoda zara.

All that changes now.

ANNOUNCING: Kosher Science Fiction!

Ari Barak and the Free-Will Paradox is the first Jewish sci-fi this century!

It's fun! It's witty! It's gripping! It's 100% glatt kosher! And it will take you on a mind trip that you have never before experienced in Jewish fiction!

Available directly from the author and in all online bookstores now!

Back cover copy:

A yeshiva is supposed to be a place where young Jewish men go to learn Torah. It follows an orderly, set routine. Decorum is observed. The food is occasionally palatable. The curriculum is predictable, following the tradition of centuries. In short, it is almost everything that Rabbi White’s yeshiva is not.

What conventional yeshiva, for instance, would employ a mute giant with superhuman strength? Or boast technology that would stun any future-tech company? What Yeshiva Dean would encourage his students to climb sheer rock faces? Or serve them food that routinely sends them into gustatory rapture? Or give them a practical, hands-on guide to the workings of the universe—including field trips?

Ari Barak, a mischievous ADHD teenager, meets up with the brainy Howard Segal, and together they quickly discover just how different this institution is.

What is Rabbi White’s big secret? Can Ari and Howard solve the ancient paradox of free will? And how will they clean up the mess they’ve made of the history of the world?

Get your copy today!

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