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My Books

I do my best to create fiction that is both entertaining and carries a meaningful payload. I hope you will enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Ari Barak and the
Free-Will Paradox

Published 2017

My first full-length novel, in the unique genre of "Spiritual Science Fiction".

A wonderful adventure of two yeshiva students exploring parallel universes, solving the age-old paradox of free will...and making a horrible mess of history! 

Witty, fascinating, un-put-downable.

Shortlisted for Best Religious Fiction,  American Fiction Awards 2018

Available in paperback, eBook, and audio!

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Ari Barak 1 cover.jpeg
Ari Barak 1B.jpg

Ari Barak:
Red Warrior's Gift

NEW! Published 2023

The long-awaited sequel has finally arrived! It took me five years to write it, and in my honest, humble opinion, it's simply next-level.

Early readers are loving the mind-bending plot twists, the snappy dialogue, and the lovable, relatable characters.

And, of course, they are mad at me for making them unable to put the book down, even when they really needed to go to sleep.

Sorry, not sorry. 😛

Available in paperback and eBook!

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Middle Pip gets
the Evil Eye

Published 2018

A laugh-out-loud book for kids, combining cheeky humor with a sincere look at what exactly is an ayin hora / evil eye.

Illustrated by my daughter!

Great for bedtime stories! 

Available in eBook format only

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Evil Eye cover.png
TheLoanSharkBW Large.png

The Loan Shark

Published 2017

Based on a true story, this is a chilling, yet inspiring short story of an altruistic volunteer who put his life on the line to save someone he didn't know from a ruthless mafioso.

Available in eBook and audio!

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The Persuader

Published 2017

A mysterious stranger surprises an unscrupulous banker, and makes him an offer he can't refuse. Or can he?

This short story takes a surprising twist!

Avilable in eBook and audio!

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